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Transformative Workshops by Elongate


Let Psychotherapist Bradley Lake Guide and Transform you towards Therapeutic Wellness.

Embrace Growth and Actualize Your Potential with Elongate's Retreats. Be Seen, Heard, and Empowered to Align Your Internal World with Your External Life.

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Attend our Retreats for Enhanced Resilience
and Growth.

Integrating Therapeutic Modalities to Cultivate Emotional, and Physical Health

At Elongate, we provide an immersive experience that empowers individuals and couples to achieve greater well-being, resilience, and vitality. Our retreats are designed to address the complex interplay of mental, emotional, and physical health by integrating various therapeutic modalities, including mindfulness, meditation, psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and somatic practices.


You Can't Change Until You Know

Discover Inner Self-Knowledge, Healing and Growth at Elongate Retreats

Cultivate Self-Awareness and Connection with Compassionate Care.

For over 33 years Bradley Lake, LICSW, LCSW-C has helped countless individuals, and couples identify the “dances of avoidance” that impede self-awareness, healing and growth. What are your “troubles at the border” – the places that keep you from crossing the bridge towards your desired goals? Elongate Intensive Retreats will challenge you, with thoughtfulness and persistent care, to unpack what lives beneath the surface. We all have primary wounds, some shallow and others cavernous, that need tender non-shaming attention. At Elongate we will identify these primary wounds, answer the question, “What happened to you?” and give you the necessary tools to move beyond these barriers.

Artwork by Bradley Lake that represents Growth and Healing
Self-Caring Ownership will set you Free. Ownership comes from Knowledge.


What to Expect at an Elongate Workshop

Our Recent Workshops and Training Clients


At Elongate We Offer the Following Comprehensive Retreats

Artwork by Bradley Lake that represents Growth and Healing


Enter with Curiosity, Vulnerability and Grace

Creating a Safe and Brave Space for Transformation and Growth

Unpacking Our Emotional and Physical Baggage to Deepen Our Lives.

We will collectively create a safe and brave space.  We will unpack what we each hold emotionally and physically. Join me and my team in wholeheartedly elongating the synapses to see how what we hold and how it impacts the quality and direction of our lives – in our intimate relationships, in our sense of self, in our careers and passions, and in our physical well-being.
We will share stories with one another. They will stay amongst us, supporting our safe and brave spaces.  The lessons we gain from self-awareness and being together in the various group configurations (dyads, small and large group) is what we will take with us – they will live in your internal world and transform your larger life. Emotional, somatic, and physiological exercises presented at each stage of the Retreat will deepen our understanding of self. We will continually practice elongating our dimensional synapses - to inform knowledge, enhance healing, build resiliency, inform growth and provide actionable skills to deepen the quality of our current lives.  

We often create mechanisms, ways of being and well-worn paths that affords us to leave, separate and differentiate from our childhood and families of origin.  This process allows for us to create the beginnings of our adult life. However, these skill sets often do not foster greater intimacy, personal growth, and a life filled with good health, passions recognized and lived, and the quality of life we seek.  We must advance beyond the well-worn paths, challenging ourselves, with vulnerability, to heal, grow and thrive. This is work, in our journey, that we will do together – honoring what got us to our current life and what we must embrace to get us to where we want to go.

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Artwork by Bradley Lake that represents Growth and Healing


Meet Bradley Lake

Bradley Lake’s passion for psychology began at a young age, reading psychological journals by age 12. Honoring Bradley’s drive towards physicality and creativity he pursued competitive sports and ultimately a career as a professional dancer in NYC and Europe. Eventually he pursued graduate studies to become a psychotherapist and dedicated himself to helping individuals overcome their challenges. After gaining valuable experience in various clinical settings, Bradley found his true passion in working with individuals, couples, and groups long-term to witness deeper healing, change and growth. He prioritizes helping his clients identify and pursue their passions as part of their therapeutic journey.

With the creation of Elongate workshops, Bradley aims to offer transformative experiences that enable clients to be seen and heard, challenged to grow, and make their external life reflect their internal world. Bradley has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of patients and also lectures at local graduate programs, facilitates numerous groups for professional clinicians and peer counselors, and provides ongoing supervision for therapists. As a psychotherapist, he strives to help his clients achieve their own personal growth and fulfillment.

Bradley Lake, founder of Elongate

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