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Transformative Retreats with Elongate


Transformative Workshops and Exclusive Follow-Up Groups for Meaningful Personal Development

Cultivating Growth and Connection With Transformative Workshop with Elongate

Artwork by Bradley Lake that represents Growth and Transformative Healing

Unveiling Your Aspirational Self

I hope that you have found this workshop to be both meaningful and useful as you pursue your aspirational self.  I hope that you felt seen and heard. This work requires courage, and the courage to be vulnerable - it is, in my opinion, the good hard work. Often my workshops provide a lens into deeper work you'd like to do, greater healing to pursue, and growth you'd like to achieve.  Many people sign up for a 10 week workshop post a workshop that allows for all of the above to be unpacked and specific skills attained. These groups meet for 10 weeks, once a week, for 75 minutes per session and is limited to 10 people in each group and facilitated by me.  Only people that have attended one of my workshops can participate in these groups.

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