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Seen and Heard

It is my belief, as a therapist, parent, friend, child, family member and mate, that a commonly shared human desire is to be seen and heard. It is the foundation of knowing, connection, healing and growth. Enter more deeply into the journey of being Seen and Heard.

We know through theories of healthy attachment that from the time of birth, infants are scanning their environment, through the senses of touch, smell and eventually sight, to “see” who is there, who is attending to them, who notices, who cares and who helps to create a safe place for them to flourish. As a result of this nurturing journey they will come to know the world around them, themselves, and the connection between the two. If a child does not receive enough of the goodies of nurturing sensory stimulation they will struggle to attach in healthy ways and as a result they may become anxious, impulsive, and insecure.

To be seen and heard is food. What you do with these nutrients is yours to take ownership of. It is an opportunity to courageously challenge you to know more about yourself, even the parts that live in the shadows, that live in guilt and shame, and that with the light of knowledge will enhance connection and growth.

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