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Thanksgiving 2016

I feel honored to work with the people that walk through my door each day – filled with courage, resistance, hope, despair, vulnerability and regression. They are, despite their resistance and regression – a necessary part of finding the growth edges – presenting and unpacking themselves to reveal their shadows and their longings. This leads me to my first annual list of The Things I Am Grateful For: Thanksgiving 2016.

I am grateful for (not ordered better to worse or more important to least important):

1). Spicy Kids: they are not vanilla as my son reminded one day when at a restaurant I wanted ordered “well mannered” quiet children, like the ones at the next table, “Dad if you wanted vanilla you didn’t get it. You got spicy. I thought you knew that by now.” Thanks son.

2). My love of dogs. This is how I met my husband. The image of him walking in the dog park, parking himself on a bench with a book in one hand and the leash to his chocolate Cocker Spaniel in the other, still brings a small smile of delight – sitting on that bench, book opened and his bonded dog draped over his feet.

Not too mention, the joy of waging tails, hugs and kisses no matter if I was annoyed at them 30 minutes before, greetings as I walk in the door as if I were the best new dog treat they ever had and many other traits.

3). My daughter of abundant energy. As friends said when my daughter started to walk, which is the exact same time that she started to run, “Oh, I thought that after your son turned out to be such an energetic kid you would get easier. You didn’t.” I mostly love her abundance – abundance of her views and opinions, abundance of desires, abundance of movement, etc – and if I don’t it is usually a sign that it is my problem, that I have too much going on that I don’t value the gift before me.

4). Half moons, quarter moons and full moons

5). A love in my life that I can share the craziness with and who truly has my back.

6). My desire and ability to be curious and therefore continue to learn and grow.

7). A family that is filled with resilience, difference, integrity and genuine hearts that care.

Now your turn.

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